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Dirty Words. - Free Online Library

Witches, they accused us, that they persecuted us, until we discovered how to take possession of that salt and we made beautiful masks with regard to ourselves. they lick much more along with more, that they moan in desperation, we moan together with pain as well as fear. Red salt, one in the most gorgeous of as well as the nearly all destructive. In Order To clean, in order to purify the actual word, the perfect form of repression. Just About All legal rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT 1999 Review associated with Contemporary Fiction

No portion of this article may be reproduced without having your express created permission from your copyright holder.

Good girls can't say these things, neither can easily elegant ladies or any other women. Iridescent, skin toned, translucent with promise.

First revealed inside issue 6.3 (Fall 1986)

. We realize how a person can respond in order to kisses and also we don't thoughts being burnt along with them from your opposite side in the mask. The Actual worst penitence.

They won't. They/us, us/they. These types of phrases which completely spare us from your horror gathered in a mind practically ready to always be able to explode. Jealousy, in the other hand, we should maintain beneath strict control, it could degenerate into weeping.

We deal with ourselves with salt as well as the salt erodes us as well as protects us at the same time. This has been recognized inside the Center Ages, along with in the darkest aspects of Brittany, France, until recently. We can, regarding example, give estrus free reign and become happy. These kind of phrases that are thus delicious towards the palate, that fill your mouth. Then came better times, yet these unloving interjections as well as appellatives remained permanently dissolved throughout detergent soapsuds. Knowing in which there is really much to always be able to explore, therefore many barriers but to be broken through.

It can always be a slow and also untiring task regarding appropriation. These People can't say this stuff or another things, with regard to there is no possibility involving reaching the positive without having its opposite, your exposing and also exposed negative. Not Necessarily even the other women, the ones which aren't consequently ladylike, may utter these phrases categorized as "dirty." The Particular huge one, fat deposits ones: swearwords. They are cathartic words, moments of speech that will become inalienable along with which are already alienated from us from moment immemorial.

During childhood, mothers or even fathers--why usually blame women--washed our mouths together with water as well as soap whenever we stated a few regarding these so-called swearwords, "dirty" words, whenever we expressed our truth. Lengthy ago, they scrubbed our shitting girl mouths along with red salt, wanting for you to wash out our shamelessness. Any transformation of the language consisting regarding "dirty" words that was forbidden for you to us for centuries, along with in the every day language that we must handle very carefully, together with respect and also fascination simply because in one approach or perhaps another it doesn't belong to us. Witches' mouths--and we get been just about all witches today--are washed using red salt in order to end up being able to purify them. Additional psychological manifestations, other emotions no, but crying yes, prohibited. This can become a perverse pleasure: these people turn out for you to be more thirsty than ever before and it hurts us as well as the dissolution in the masks terrifies us. Substituting one orifice for your other, as Margo Glantz would say, the particular mouth was and carries on to become one of the most threatening opening with the feminine body: it can eventually express what must certainly not be expressed, reveal the hidden desire, unleash your menacing shitting girls variations that upset the core in the phallogocentric, paternalistic discourse.

Why so much anxiety about tears? Since the actual masks we use are created from salt. We are actually tearing down and also rebuilding; it is definitely an arduous task. Which Usually demands all associated with the courage we could muster since we think that will it is so simple; however, it isn't since composing will overcome every one involving the abysses therefore one should have an understanding of the particular initial danger, with the abyss. These People will hate us pertaining to that, regarding getting licked us, pertaining to getting exposed us. Right now if they wish to kiss us--and sometimes they even now do--they must kiss your salt and also burn off his or her lips. Your Woman may be the author involving Strange Items Take Place Here, Additional Weapons, The Actual Lizard's Tail, as well as He Whom Searches.

We mate using our masks on, and sometimes your thirsty arrived at lick us. and we wouldn't possess even shed the tear nor allowed ourselves our most intimate gesture: your self-disintegration with the mask thanks to the prohibited weeping that will opens furrows to become able to begin again.

LUISA VALENZUELA came to end up being able to be within Argentina. Witches, they will yelled when something disturbed the actual acquiescent order proven by simply them. Any stinging, red salt which causes us to stunning along with majestic yet devours our skin.

Translated by simply Cynthia Ventura

No sooner mentioned than done, from the spoken term to the written word: just 1 step. The Actual salt now joins us, your sores be the portion of us and only weeping may carry us apart.

Beneath your red masks, our faces tend to be uncooked and the tears could well dissolve the particular salt and also uncover our sores. Exactly what will become folks when our stinging faces outcrop? Which will want us without a mask, inside raw flesh?

Copyright 1999 Gale, Cengage Learning. and these people scrubbed our faces together with red salt of infamy and in which we remained branded forever. Swearwords. We must forget your washed mouths, allow the mouths to bleed till we gain access for the territory in which every small thing can easily and should be said. Dirtying these washed mouths, using possession in the punishment, with no room regarding self-pity.

Among us, crying is prohibited

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