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Kickstarter campaign launched for ‘Taxi Journey’ - Albuquerque Video Game

After meeting a mysterious young girl named Zoe, Gino is actually drawn in to end up being able to a journey that can take him to become able to strange faraway lands full of plenty regarding unique characters.

Earlier today, impartial video game studio Lexis Numerique announced in which it has officially begun any Kickstarter campaign with regard to their particular upcoming puzzle/adventure game, "Taxi Journey".


The "Taxi Journey" Kickstarter marketing campaign began these days and will operate until http://faketaxi.smutdetective.com/ October 12, 2013. New http://www.airporttaximn.com/ artwork for your game can end up being found within the slideshow.

Inspired through games similar to "Limbo" as well as "Machinarium", Lexis Numerique's "Taxi Journey" concentrates on Gino, any soft spoken taxi driver whom is so broke he pedals his vehicle along with carries his consumers in his back. The Particular Kickstarter campaign is found as of this link.

To understand a little much more about "Taxi Journey" you can easily visit the game's official site. It includes a objective of $130,000 to finish the particular Windows model as well as stretch goals in which could potentially lead to iPad/Android, console along with Vita versions

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