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Kim Kardashian was in a car accident in LA, but she didn’t even call the cops

Cele|bitchy | Kim Kardashian ended up being inside a auto accident inside LA, but the girl didn?t even call the cops
Here are some pictures associated with Kim Kardashian as well as your ex sisters arriving throughout Miami yesterday.I'm furthermore such as a quantity of pics of Kim along with Jonathan Cheban (WTF will he do besides cling towards the Kardashians?) in a number of club or restaurant in Miami final night.Kim wore the same outfit, which is surprisingly flattering.She must put on http://www.asiancams1.com knee-length/tea-length skirts more often, they make the girl body look a lot more proportional.
Kim Kardashian ended up being a large hit in Beverly Hills nowadays ... your woman got in to become able to a auto crash close to the Beverly Hills Hotel.Kim had been tooling around in the woman's own Mercedes G Wagon upon Sunset Blvd.We're told the lady has been turning left from an intersection along with the other driver has been likely within the opposite direction along together with his proper turn signal on.An eyewitness tells TMZ ... the driver didn't make the turn, continued heading straight plus they collided.


Both cars had been damaged, yet it had not been a huge deal. Simply No 1 was ticketed.And how's this for Showmanship ... both Kim along with another driver drove his or her whips to the Beverly Hills Hotel, exchanged info then hugged goodbye.

Photos courtesy regarding Fame/Flynet.
Who would the cops ticket in that situation?The other driver, right?Because he had his flip signal about and the particular man has been the actual one that hit Kim's car.It sounds just such as a run-of-the-mill accident even though - or perhaps I'm just speaking as Virginia driver.Virginia drivers are, I swear, a number of the worst drivers within the country.This sort of accident is indeed common simply because VA drivers should go pertaining to miles on the interstate using the blinkers on.Idiots.


Before Kim left LA pertaining to Miami, she ALMOST DIED.Except certainly not really, the girl was just in the vehicle accident:
In some other Kardashian news... it seems like Lucifer's Homegirl planned Kanye West's proposal to be able to Kim final year.Kris admitted in the deposition she "played a main role in organizing along with running your event.As part of this I had been straight involved in formulating and also had been familiar using the guest list."She additionally marketed the actual legal rights towards the proposal footage (to E!) on an exclusive basis.People are earning this sound such as it's conclusive evidence that Kimye's http://www.asiancams1.com engagement will be FRAUD, but I don't know.Maybe Kanye can be only a lot closer to Lucifer's Homegirl compared to we feel and he asked Kris to assist him organize the actual event.



[From TMZ]

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