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Woman Robbed, Assaulted for Wearing Google Glass in a Bar

The presence of a camera on your own own face just isn't the same as a smartphone camera, where, as my colleague Dani Fankhauser accurately describes, the picture-taking procedure usually offers the topic a possiblity to "opt out."
A woman claims she had been assaulted along with robbed in a San Francisco Bay Area bar " with regard to wearing Google Glass.
"As way as your own 'hate crime' allegation is actually concerned, Entitled Tech Trash isn't the protected class just yet," wrote a new commenter.
By default, Glass captures merely a 10-second video, and also Slocum didn't engage the actual extended recording mode " possibly by choice as well as by simply inadvertently overlooking the alternative since the situation grew tense. Police get certainly not but charged anybody inside relation to the incident.

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Woman Robbed, Assaulted regarding Wearing Google Glass in the Bar

Slocum began recording your girls' behavior making use of Google Glass, and she informed them she had been doing so. The Lady stated a person snatched the actual Glass off the girl confront 2 to four minutes following recording the particular video. However, the lady hopes folks can easily understand in the incident so next time someone wears Glass in public, your circumstance doesn't escalate in in order to a melee.
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As any Google Glass Explorer, I realize that most people react with curiosity or indifference for you to Glass, but when I stated I never got any dirty appear while wearing it, I'd become lying. From this point, the actual verbal assault turned physical; individuals on camera began holding their hands up andat times reached for the headset (you can see Slocum blocking all of them in the video, below).
The incident highlights the social complications related with wearing Google Glass or every other type of smart glasses. Google didn't style Glass to blend in in order to stay away from "spywear" accusations, as well as warns proprietors these people shouldn't anticipate to be ignored if they put on it inside public.
As Slocum see this site describes on her behalf Facebook page, your verbal assault began shortly right after the lady arrived at the bar. desire to diminish the particular misunderstanding that folks get involving Google Glass as well as assist individuals recognize in which it isn't any more of the privacy concern than their particular smartphones and protect various other wearable along with Glass wearers through hatred, thugs along with robbers," she wrote in Facebook.

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However, the woman's purse as well as cellphone have got not been recovered, San Francisco's CBS affiliate reports. Shortly after getting into your bar, the girl mentioned your woman had been verbally and also physically attacked through "Google Glass haters." 1 of the assaulters went so far as to snatch your connected headset off your ex face, although Slocum was in a new position to recover it.
Most of Slocum's Facebook friends have been sympathetic towards your ex encounter, although several remarks on her web page highlight the developing tension involving the Bay Area's burgeoning tech business and also residents who aren't a component of it. Police are investigating the particular incident within Molotov's, nevertheless Slocum said she doesn't expect you'll recover your ex belongings. she right away pursued him as well as were able to grab the particular headset back, yet inside the meantime, other people stole the woman's phone, purse along with wallet.
"I do ... Your Woman also stated the girl had "dirty, wet bar rags" thrown from her.

. Although the recording technology isn't any various from the smartphone's, the unit is really ostentatious that it gets a consistent visual reminder to the people nearby they might end up being recorded at just about any time. other observers noted in which Molotov's can always be a "punk rock" bar, and also its typical crowd isn't as open-minded regarding tech as some other elements of san Francisco are.

Sarah Slocum, a new contributor from Newsdab, arrived with Molotov's, that Google Maps describes as a "laid-back bar with every day happy hour," early Saturday morning around 1:45 a.m., based on her YouTube page.

Nonetheless, as impolite as wearing or utilizing Glass in some circumstances might be, verbal and also physical assault is far worse. The Lady has been showing someone how Glass worked when a pair of girls began treating her along with hostility, which includes flipping the actual bird her way

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